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05 Stakeholder Relations

Stakeholder Relations

Our stakeholders are an important part of the work we do, so we ensure that we are always responsive to their needs. Our stakeholders are the many people and organizations that are affected by NewcrossEP activities, be it in our role as an employer, or as a creator of wealth and opportunity in local and international circles. NewcrossEP partners with banks and other financial institutions, government, professionals, regulatory bodies, service providers and members of our host communities with the focus of creating the most value through our rewards.

We keep our communication channels open and maintain the necessary links between our community, our investors, our partners and our team which make for a strong chain of development.

NewcrossEP recognizes that the ability to do business in any of our communities is a privilege. We also know we have a vital role to play in shaping the world around us. Therefore, we continue to engage with all of our stakeholders to understand what society anticipates from us. We constantly work on how we compact our host communities positively and contribute to Nigeria’s GPD.