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02 Mission Statement & Vision
Mission Statement

To build a sustainable company founded on professionalism

Our Vision

NewcrossEP strives to be a largely successful world class Exploration & Production company with strong stakeholder’s partnership.

03 Our Core Values

Our Core Values

NewcrossEP builds value by constantly positioning itself to meet the world’s increasing energy wants. Meeting these wants requires the right amount of the following:


NewcrossEP plays an essential role in preventing workplace accidents and injuries, as well as promoting safe and healthy workplaces.


Our accomplishments and effectiveness are based highly on our ability to embrace diversity in the workplace.


NewcrossEP is committed to people that work for us and encourages employees to engage in various exercises that results in effective teamwork

Environmental Sustainability

NewcrossEP strives to continuously improve preeminent practices, in order to protect the natural resources that our economy and society rely on.


NewcrossEP implements a focused approach at the work place, focusing on the most imperative things that increase our efficiency.